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We may live without poetry, music and art;
We may live without conscience, and live without heart;
We may live without friends; we may live without books;
But civilized man cannot live without cooks.
Edward Lord Lytton


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Putting this web site together has been a labor of love.I remember back to my childhood and how daily life was then. A great many wood stoves were still being used. Ice boxes and ice men were still around. You canned all the food from your garden and fruit trees. The recipes for the family meals have changed so much.To much salt was used in some and most dishes were cooked to long, vegetables in particular. Some of these old recipes are wonderful and update well, so give a few of them a try.

If there is an old family recipe that has bee lost, let me know. Send the name , decade and some of the ingredients, I might have it. If you have some thing you'd like to share, an old wives tale, a remedy, or an old recipe, please join in the fun and send it along via e - mail or to:

Recipes of Yesteryear
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Old Weather Saying:


Good October, a good blast

To blow the hog acorn and mast


Remedies Of Old:
For Earache

Equal parts of laudanum and tincture of arnica. Mix, saturate a piece of wool in the mixture, and insert in the ear. Circa 1871

Old Wives Tale

A good cure for Bronchitis is to wrap around your throat before going to bed the stocking you wore the previous day. 1880.

What do they mean???
Old Sayings

I thought I would start printing these old sayings I've heard all my life. A great many don't make much sense while others make perfect sense. But I need your help. Please send me your favorites, with your help we can continue to enjoy "Yesteryear "

You can't have your cake and eat it too

Fish or cut bait

Snug as a bug in a rug


Home Economics:
Medicinal Food

Spinach has direct effect upon complaints of the kidneys; the common dandelion, used as greens, is excellent for the same trouble; asparagus purifies the blood; celery acts admirably upon the nervous system, and is a cure for rheumatism and neuralgia; tomatoes act upon the liver; beets and turnips are excellent appetizers; lettuce and cucumbers are cooling in their effects upon the system; beans are a very nutritious and strengthening vegetable; while onions, garlic, leeks, chives and shallots, all of which are similar, possess medicinal virtues of marked character, stimulating the circulatory system, the consequent increase of the saliva and the gastric juice promoting digestion. Red onions are an excellent diuretic, and the white ones are recommended raw as a remedy for insomnia. They are tonic, nutritious. A soup made from onions is regarded by the French as an excellent restorative in debility of the digestive organs. We might go through the entire list and find each vegetable possessing its especial mission of cure, and it will be plain to every housekeeper that a vegetable diet should be partly adopted, and will prove of great advantage to the health of the family. Circa - 1878


Oven Temperatures - 2000
The recipes on this web site will be old. They will date from 1859 to 1969. You will see how recipes have evolved through the years. The very old recipes will have been cooked on wood stoves that did not have temperature controls, so this chart will be posted to help with those recipes.

250 - 275 -   Very Slow
300 - 325 -   Slow
350 - 375 -   Moderate
400 - 425 -   Quick or Hot
450 - 475 -   Very Hot

Oven Temperature - 1885
The heat should be tested before the cake is put in, which can be done by throwing on the floor of the oven a tablespoonful of new flour. If the flour takes fire, or assumes a dark brown color, the temperature is to high and the oven must be allowed to cool; if the flour remains white after the lapse of a few seconds, the temperature is to low. When the oven is of the proper temperature the flour will slightly brown and look slightly scorched.   Great care is requisite in heating an oven for baking pastry. If you can hold your hand in the heated oven while you count twenty, the oven has just the proper temperature and it should be kept at this temperature as long as the pastry is in.


Home Page

Recipes we don't make and are thankful


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